Elliptical Machines Vs. Walking

February 26, 2009 at 6:44 pm Leave a comment

Elliptical training machines and walking are two common ways to get aerobic exercise with less joint impact than running or jogging; both exercise methods have their advantages and disadvantages when compared with one another.

    Joint Impact

  1. Elliptical machines tend to create less joint impact than walking since the feet are planted on pedals and therefore never actually strike the ground.
  2. Intensity

  3. Elliptical machines can be used to work at high or low intensity similar to a stationary bike, while even brisk walking will likely not be as intense a workout as running.
  4. Cost

  5. Using an elliptical machine typically requires a gym membership or purchasing a machine for home use, which can cost several hundred dollars or more; walking costs are limited to the cost of shoes.
  6. Practicality

  7. Elliptical machines do not serve any practical purpose beyond fitness; walking can be used as a workout while simultaneously serving as way to get around.
  8. Considerations

  9. Using an elliptical machine at high intensity will likely burn more calories than walking for the same duration; if the aim is to lose weight, using an elliptical machine may be a more efficient use of your workout time.

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