How to Lose Weight With a Sweat Suit

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You can use sweat suits, sometimes called sauna suits, to make you perspire more during exercise, maximizing the calories you burn. Wearing these suits helps to warm your body to a higher temperature and is a useful aid when trying to lose weight in an efficient, responsible manner. You should use your sweat suit while adhering to practices put in place to keep you safe and help you reach your ideal weight.

  1. Step 1

    Wear the sweat suit when exercising. Aerobic exercise or repetitive motions work best. When done with aerobic exercise, your suit’s effectiveness will be raised by making you sweat more profusely. Performing 20 to 30 minutes of continuous motion counts as aerobic exercise and wearing your suit doing this three times a week can encourage healthy weight loss. Boxers often wear these suits to lose weight quickly for fights, as well.

  2. Step 2

    Drink plenty of fluids. Whether it is drinking enough water or sports drinks, hydration of the cells in your body is an important aspect in your weight loss. Excess sweating while you are wearing the suit means that you will need to replace the liquid your body has lost. Plan on drinking at least 1 cup of non-alcoholic and decaffeinated liquids per 10 to 12 pounds of your body weight per day to stay hydrated. Drink throughout the day to provide continuous hydration, as well as whenever you feel thirsty.

  3. Step 3

    Replace vital nutrients in your body. Your body loses much of its salts and simple sugars when you perform rigorous exercise in your suit. Replace these with healthy snacks such as multigrain bars, yogurt or fruit. You can replace your body’s essential electrolyte with sports drinks and with food. Take a multivitamin to supplement your diet as your body will be “flushing” itself at accelerated rates while you wear the sweat suit.

  4. Step 4

    Get a proper fitting suit. Finding a fitting sweat suit affects more than your comfort when you are wearing it. Your range of motion, the suit’s effectiveness and the risk of injury are also tied into the fit of your suit. While you want a suit that gives you room to move your limbs freely during exercise and fit over your clothes, you should also ensure that there isn’t too much free space.

  5. Step 5

    Be aware of the risks of wearing a suit. Sweat suits can be dangerous if you don’t keep yourself hydrated. While you do lose some weight through sweating, the majority of your weight loss will be water weight. Sweat suits are effective tools when used in conjunction with diet, but should not be the center of your regimen. Avoid wearing a suit over an hour if you are not exercising in it and 30 minutes if you are exercising. If you recognize signs of dehydration, which include dizziness, headache and parched lips, don’t wear a suit at all.


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